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 We are a full service collection agency. We specialize in providing a complete credit management system of debt recovery, tracing, and litigation for our clients in Nigeria. We recover both commercial and consumer debts of any size and age and work with clients in all sectors. Our full service collection solution includes recovery of prolonged outstanding debts , skip tracing, establishing of repayment plan for debt settlement, monitoring of debt on regular basis for prompt collection, negotiation with creditors for settlement, acquisition and sale of distressed assets, restructuring under arrangement with creditors. Read more

Our Services

Debt Recovery

Rekoveri Katapillas has proven track record of recovering debts quickly and efficiently on behalf of our clients. Learn more

Financial Services

We offer accounts receivable management service to prevent your outstanding invoices turning into business debts. Learn more

Legal Services

We offer complementary legal services through our legal partner to ensure clients have access to sound advice. Learn more


We offer fraud and accounting investigations, from identification of claims and asset tracing through to negotiation and settlement. Learn more

Our Services
We are experts at debt recovery with guaranteed results. Learn more

Why Choose Rekoveri Katapillas?

We are a full service collection agency with simple & affordable solution to your debt collection challenges

Enjoy Peace of Mind

We are a collection agency that act with integrity and professionalism. We help you resolve debt disputes amicably, to retain your client or customer.

Be Confident

As a professional collection agency, we stay true to our word on what we charge our clients. You only pay on what is actually recovered. No obligations.

Save Money

Rest assured you will never be charged extra when your accounts are older or the amount of your accounts are very small.

Our Clients

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